Grading Manchester United ‘s players, defeating Luton Town 2-1 in the Premier League. 

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Rasmus Hojlund scored two goals alone to help the ”Red Devils” collect three important points.

Manchester United  players ratings  (4-2-3-1)

Grading Manchester United's players, defeating Luton Town 2-1 in the Premier League. Last night - Player Ratings

Andre Onana — 5/10

Made 3 saves in this match. But didn’t make any difficult saves.

Diogo Dalot — 5/10

Got attacked by Doughty and Chong and sometimes lost the ball to the opponent too easily.

Raphael Varane — 7/10

Intercepting the ball, blocking shots and blocking the ball at key moments from the moment Maguire almost gave good luck to the home team.

Harry Maguire — 5/10

The first goal the team conceded He was really unlucky when Tahit Chong’s shot ricocheted off him and almost gave Luton a gift.

Luke Shaw — 5/10

Received a yellow card in the first 20 minutes of the game. Until making it difficult for yourself to play during the remaining time before being replaced in the 45+1 minute, which was expected to be incomplete or change to prevent injury, similar to the game with Aston Villa

Cobby Mainu — 7/10

Stable and able to survive well

Casemiro — 4/10

Subsidize the yellow card from Mr. Pao again. He was lucky not to be sent off in the first half. No wonder he was substituted at half-time.

Alejandro Carnacio — 5/10

Helped the team get the second goal. But often he loses the ball easily. He had a chance to go one-on-one with Kaminski in the second half, but he played too many shots. He made a serious mistake.

Bruno Fernandes (Captain) — 5/10

Lack of sharpness He should be named as the scorer in this match.

Marcus Rashford — 5/10

Almost was named the scorer for the team from the beginning of the ยูฟ่าเบท game in both the first and second half. But went to save Kaminski, the local goalkeeper.

Rasmus Hoylund — 8/10

Unstoppable form He scored two goals in the first 10 minutes of the game. He gave his team a quick lead from the first 36 seconds before adding a second goal in the 7th minute, meaning he has now scored in 6 consecutive Premier League matches.

Backup used

Victor Lindelof (in place of Shaw, 45+2) — 4/10

He was so bold on the ball that he earned himself a yellow card in the final 10 minutes of the game.

Scott McTominay (replaces Casemiro, 46th) — 4/10

Doesn’t have much of a role

Jonny Evans (replacing Maguire, 46th) — 8/10

Intercepted Morris’ ball beautifully and made several header blocks. He handles the ball very well in the air.

Sofiyan Amrabat (replaces Hojlund 86) – no points

There is little time in the field.