Farewell to Emma Hayes, the general behind every success of Chelsea women’s football

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  • Chelsea Women’s manager Emma Hayes is set to leave the team at the end of this season after 12 years in charge.
  • An English female coach has transformed Chelsea and English women’s football for the better.
  • Emma has decided to leave Chelsea to take charge of the USA women’s national team, where she was born.
Farewell to Emma Hayes, the general behind every success of Chelsea women's football

It is believed that all football fans are saddened by the resignation of Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp , who recently announced the end of his career as a football manager in England. But did you know that when the 2023/24 season ends, the English football world will lose another important person in history, which is “Emma Hayes”, the manager of the Chelsea Women’s team who raised the standard of football . Man Super League has risen in more than a decade in her role. Because in addition to developing the Chelsea Women’s team from a team that escaped relegation to a seven-time league champion, she is also an important person who changed the world of women’s football. Today https://ufabet999.app will take you all to look back at more than 12 success stories. The year of Emma Hayes and Chelsea

Before becoming great at Chelsea, she was at Arsenal.

Emma Hayes began her football career playing for Arsenal ‘s youth team as a midfielder. Before she had a serious accident that forced her to stop playing football prematurely at the age of 17, she said in an interview that it was one of the most painful things in her life. But thanks to her love for football, Emma Hayes returned to the Gunners’ ranks in 2006 as the women’s assistant manager. combined with position Director of the Women’s Youth Team. The Gunners’ team was very strong during that period. They won 11 trophies in three seasons under Vic Akers.

Throughout Emma’s three seasons at Arsenal, she learned all about management from manager Vic Akers, who was unrivaled in the Gunners at the time. Being with talented people Along with her duty to take care of the youth team As a result, the female coaches began to have more knowledge and experience in managing a football team. Until she decided to move to grow in the industry. American Football in 2008, where she realized the possibilities of women’s football and how it could develop to the next level. Before she brought her knowledge and experience back to lead the team. Chelsea Women in 2012