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If "can't sleep" when should I take sleeping pills?

If “can’t sleep” when should I take sleeping pills?

We’ve all had trouble falling asleep from time to time. But if you can’t sleep often And can’t really find a way to sleep for a long time, it can affect the body in the long run. Initially, the doctor will recommend that insomniacs change their sleeping

Sleeping and not dreaming That doesn't mean you're asleep.

Sleeping and not dreaming That doesn’t mean you’re asleep.

The dreams after sleep of many people go out on adventures, many stories, but for some people, they may not see anything in their dreams. From the past, you may have heard that sleep does not dream. is deep sleep Until making me reckless until I thought it

Lose weight but "sleep less" what is lost may be "muscle" not fat

Lose weight but “sleep less” what is lost may be “muscle” not fat

Anyone who is losing weight, exercising, dieting, but not getting enough sleep Be careful that muscle will be lost instead of fat. Research from the University of Chicago published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine indicates that getting enough sleep. It is another important factor in